Solving Problems

While getting started in the industry, we were always setting up events, filming music videos, designing websites, and exploring other entrepreneurial pursuits. In many of our endeavors we often relied on help from other people – most of whom we found through old-fashioned third party networking. We want to make simple issues- like finding an experienced and equipped camera man, the right voice from a talented singer, or even working with a graphic designer to inject new creativity into your project- easier than ever before. There are hundreds of social networking sites, but none with an easy way to filter out the solutions we are actually looking for.

We built Thnker because we want to offer people access to their connections’ connections. We want to provide creative professionals with a platform of their own to host their artistic résumés, network with their established connections, discover existing talents in their natural market, and collaborate on their dreams. In an industry where connections are everything, who you know can make all the difference. Nobody can do it alone. And now, you don’t have to. Remember there is no “I” in Thnker. Get connected